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SatStreaming is leader company about multi IP video services like satellite downlink, transcoding, streaming and also CDN services.

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Lots of Satellite Support at Worldwide
7/24 Service with Full Backed Up System
Best Hardware and Qualified İnstallation Team


Lowest Delay Time
Adaptive Streaming
High Quality
Multi Platform
Export to any CDN
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CDN & Streaming
Complate A to Z Solution
High Security System
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Low Risk at Low Cost
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IP Stream

Here at Satstreaming , we never compromise with quality and Services. All of our admins, engineers and support staff are fully dedicated to make our customer happy. We spend a big amount of time continiously to improve our level of services that we provide to our clients .

  • Several Satellite Downlink Support
  • Redundant Downlink Center at Different Locations
  • Professional Hardware , Transcoding , IRD Gateways
  • Fully Backed Up Hardware and Energy
  • Fully Dedicated and Redundant Internet
  • Fully Manageable IP Stream Platform


IP Streaming

IP-based streaming systems are capable of broadcasting video content for a large number of online viewers, whether it be a live broadcast or an on-demand canned material. The creation of broadcasts or recordings starts with the recording technique and goes all the way to the server network that directly services the viewers through a streaming encoder device for the IP-based broadcasts, and to the player displaying the broadcast. Overall, streaming service requires complex integration of multiple components that requires audio-video devices and IT infrastructure.


Ka-band Satellite Uplink, Downlink, and Production Expertise

SatStreaming offers reliable Ka-band satellite uplink and downlink services that are affordable and convenient to you.SatStreaming can be your sole source for satellite Uplink and Downlink, Video Production and satellite communication needs. We can assist you with all of the logistics involved in Ka Uplink or Downlink Services, and our engineers will bring to your site versatile, dependable, state-of-the art equipment.

Channel Stream

Providing a variety of services for broadcasters seeking new distribution opportunities, and for network operators looking to add content to their client offer.

  • Low cost base, low risk
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Global reach through connected partners
  • Any type of live content captured, processed and delivered
  • Multiple devices
  • Security assured
  • 24/7 – ‘Always on’
  • Short or long-term agreements
  • Agreed SLAs
  • Proof of Concept available

Why Choose Us?


The flexibility that SatStreaming offers in terms of the number of devices you can use to access your live streams is also remarkable.


Our #1 goal is that our customers are happy with the internet service we provide and of course that means it has to be fast and reliable.


It will interest you to note that the streams you get from SatStreaming are in full HD broadcasting, with the picture quality of up to 1080p.


SatStreaming are substantially lower in price than the big cable providers.

No Hardware Needed

You don’t have to worry about any extra hardware when you use SatStreaming for your live TV streaming needs.

Dedicated Support

Our support team is made up of professionals that understand how important it is to broadcast smoothly around the clock.

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